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West Ham Utd are relegated. Not really a great surprise. What is hard to swallow is the number of times over this season that they’ve been in front only to end up with a draw or, like today, losing. This season is the first one in a while that I haven’t attended a single match … Continue reading

West Ham 2 Man Utd 4

I’ll keep this short because I’m still seething about this. All I can say it that football is a game of two halves.  The sooner West Ham learn this the sooner they might actually have a half-decent season! After an excellent first half the Irons were sitting on a 2-0 lead. Complacency set in somewhere … Continue reading

West Ham 0 Tottenham 0

As expected Tottenham started like someone had lit a fire under them – why can’t West Ham do that?  After that initial bombardment that we thankfully survived it was fairly even, end-to-end stuff.  Both Jermaine Defoe (why did we ever sell him?) and Carlton Cole had chances.  Mostly Defoe, if I’m honest but Cole had … Continue reading

Ready for the big weekend

It’s going to be a big weekend for sport. First up the early kick-off (12:45) tomorrow, and my beloved West Ham have an appointment at White Hart Lane for a local derby against the old rivals Tottenham.  This is going to be a nail-biter because the Irons really need to win to keep the hopes … Continue reading