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What a great start to Christmas

So, here we are, the week before Christmas.  You could be forgiven for thinking that all good people are gearing up for the big day, instilling joy and happiness in their fellow human beings. Well, for the most part they are. But there are some nut-jobs breaking out of the woodwork.  I’m talking of course … Continue reading

I’ll never understand religion!

Atheism is none other than raw depravity – the diabolical principle at work in people who dishonor their parents, murder, lie and commit every other moral crime. I’m not religious – I believe I may have made that confession previously – but when I see antagonistic quotes like the one above from www.tencommandments.org (a “supposedly” religious website), I … Continue reading

Should religion be above the law?

I warn you now – please don’t read on if you’re religious and/or you’re easily antagonised! Okay, I know that’s a contentious title for a post.  I’ve been inspired (or should that be infuriated?) by a story in the Independent – Catholic Adoption Charity appeal dismissed.   It’s also dragged up some old feelings that … Continue reading