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Upcoming Movies – 2013 onwards

Upcoming Movies – 2013 onwards

In this second part of my “Upcoming Movies” post, this list contains those films that are confirmed as “in production”. The only exception to this is the final list at the bottom which aren’t confirmed but would be interesting to see made. Advertisements

Top 10 Revenge movies

Of all the movie genres you can’t get more macho than a good old testosterone-fuelled revenge flick! Some of them will give many men sleepless nights over whether or not their reaction to similar events would be as violent, or would they find another way.  Of course, we’d all love to take the law into our … Continue reading

My 10 favourite Movies

What? Only ten? No … that’s impossible! I like too many to only pick 10 … what about 20? 15? This all flashed through my head when the subject came up as a blog post idea.  You need to understand before I continue that I like my movies!  I have over 250 DVDs of various … Continue reading