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More issues with Ancestry

A bit of background on this one:  I had cancelled my subscription to Ancestry’s website due to not having enough money to continue with it.  Over the past year or two I have, from time to time, used their Pay-Per-View service to gain access to some U.S. records that were pertinent to my research. With … Continue reading

Family tree research part 3

In this part I’ll be going over ordering of certificates online. Don’t use Ancestry ordering service I should point out straight away that this hasn’t affected me directly because I’ve never used it, mainly due to the pricing structure. If you use Ancestry.co.uk you may have seen the link to order certificates.  Some of you may … Continue reading

Family tree research part 2

What records should you look at? Well, anything really. There are various sources that hold records of events. Family documents and local newspapers are obvious choices; nowadays a lot of local newspapers around the country are online, which means that if you know a person lived in a certain town miles away from you, it’s … Continue reading

Family tree research

I’ve been offline for a few days over the bank holiday weekend catching up on my family tree research.  Whilst doing that I thought that it might be a good subject for a series of articles. So, starting at the beginning with what I’ve learnt in relation to software and starting your research. There are … Continue reading