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No vote wins

Well, it shouldn’t be any great surprise that the country has voted against reform. The smarmy tories are predictably telling us the victory was down to their campaigning, but I and many others out there believe something else.  It seems to have been more of a country-wide “let’s teach the LibDems” attitude, rather than any … Continue reading

Counting begins

Count-up of the Referendum vote has begun and the turn-out, according to some reports, was higher than first thought. Whether that ends up being good news or bad, we’ll find out later tonight.

AV Referendum – 2 days to go

Well, with just 2 days before the referendum it looks as though the No’s will have their way. So it seems that fighting dirty does win out over fighting fair!  I give up with the country if it does happen because people are obviously not interested in having a fairer system of voting in politicians. … Continue reading