DeAgostini Millenium Falcon

So … long time, no see!

I recently began the DeAgostini “Build The Millenium Falcon” Series and decided it would be a good way to get back into this.

The first week was spent ordering the various paints, weathering powders, washes, varnishes and glues that I was going to need, so not much actual modelling got done.

Also, Issue 2 has some parts missing which meant that I couldn’t complete the bits of framework. Contacted ModelSpace and a new issue 2 should be delivered sometime hopefully before next weekend.

So, this week I have primed, painted, weathered and varnished the three hull pieces that came in the first four issues:

Hull Piece 1 pic 1Hull Piece 1 pic 2

Hull Piece 2 pic 1

Hull Piece 2 pic 2

Quad Laser Turret

Anyone that’s doing / done this model will no doubt notice that I have rotated the turret window panel into its correct position. That was a feat and a half, let me tell you. It took almost 50 minutes of steady scraping to dig out the glue in order to remove it, but fortunately it was relatively easy to glue back into the right position. I did inadvertently dig out part of the frame that let a small hole, which was easily filled.

Finally, I also completed painting the quad laser gun.


Those of you that know the series will be asking “hey, what about the cockpit?”. Yeah. The cockpit … hmmm! I was too impressed with the sticker things or the layout of the cockpit it general. So, I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered some after-market cockpit parts from It just looks so much better and is actually closer to the film version.

To appease those of you out there who love the details:

1. I primered the pieces using Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (Light Grey).
2. added some pre-shading using some black wash.
3. Next step was to airbrush on the red (Vallejo Model Air #85 – Italian Red) and grey (Tamiya XF-53 – Neutral Grey) panels.
4. Dry brushing using Vallejo Silver Grey and Vallejo Medium Sea Grey.
5. Weathering powders: Humbrol Iron Oxide / Humbrol Rust / Humbrol black /
6. Matt varnish