May – it was a bad month!

I have to say that as months go, May 2012 was, for me, one of ups-and-downs.  If I’m honest, more “downs” than “ups”, but the “ups” were very welcome all the same!

The “Downs” part 1

Things actually started to go “tits-up” from the middle of April when I started to have problems with my car.  A lot of money was spent “putting it right” – £750 worth, including labour.  Supposedly the Diesel Particulate Filter was the cause and if I’d gone direct to the manufacturer (Ford) it would have cost over £800 for the part (£1200 inc. labour).

So I wasn’t too happy, but at least the car was going okay again.   For a week anyway!

The problem returned.   This time it was put down to a split in a pipe on the turbo.  I’d read about this so I was aware that the old pipe was split into two and was prone to splitting.  Another £280 later and I got the car back, only for the problem to surface again.

Researching the internet I found I wasn’t the only one – some poor fella had spent over £3,000 replacing everything that may have caused the problem only for it to resurface a week or so later.

Upshot of all this? Don’t EVER buy a diesel Ford Focus.  They’re great until things go wrong with them and then it costs loads of money with no guarantee that the problem will be fixed!

Suffice it to say that the Focus is now gone and replaced with a Vectra and all is right in my motoring world.

Hooray, some “ups”!!

The car problems were definitely a “down”, but what of the “ups”?

Well, I got the good news that I would finally get the transfer to a closer office in London.  This will save me all that money on a room, fuel and food costs from having to go to Norwich every week.

Another “up”, connected to the office move, is that I can claim my train fare back so I’ll be a bit better off – good times!

Oh … more “downs”

Then, not so surprisingly, two more “downs” to cap the month off nicely.

First off, one of my all-time musical heroes passed away.  Robin Gibb died from kidney failure on 20 May following a long battle with various illnesses, including cancer.  I have spent some time since keeping my Bee Gees blog up-to-date – a big reason why I’ve been neglecting this one!

As if this wasn’t bad enough I found out this week that a friend of mine is in a bad way in hospital.

I think it’s fair to say that I think this year is shaping up to be a very trying one and I may well go steadily insane!