What a week!

Well, what can I say about this week other than “I’m glad it’s Friday!”

Things got off to a fair start with the journey up to Norwich early Monday morning. And when I say early, I’m talking 04:50 in the AM start.

Problems started an hour and a half in, when the car started to judder like I don’t know what! After about 30 seconds or so it disappeared as quickly as it started.

I made my normal stop-off at a services just outside Norwich for a quick coffee and a breakfast sandwich, only to find that the coffee machine was busted.  “Here we go”, I think, ”the start of things to come”!  Little did I know!

So I’m not going to get my first dose of caffeine until I reach the office. I can deal with that, so I grab my sandwich and a bottle of water which are both consumed in the privacy of the car. The rest of the journey was uneventful.

Whilst at work my HTC developed a fault whereby it was resetting itself. Hopefully, you’ll get the idea where my week’s going. I contacted the phone provider who told me they didn’t have any replacements but would phone me next day. Nice!

On leaving the office the car immediately didn’t feel right. I needed a lot of revs to get the thing moving and then it was making like a kangaroo for the first mile or so until the engine warmed up. Normally I could deal with that but when you’re in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic it’s a little hairy I can tell you!

Things got a lot better once the engine had warmed up and the rest of the journey to my B&B was okay.

Next morning and there was no sign of yesterday’s problems. Hmmm.

Despite this I decided to head home after that day’s work (benefit of being a contractor!).

Whilst at work, the phone provider did actually ring back and they miraculously found a phone that they would be sending the next day by courier. Things were looking up.

I left the office around 1745 and the entire journey home the car was as good as gold.

Once home, after unpacking my stuff and having a bite to eat I switched on the netbook to check up on my emails etc., and the screen decided to display a lovely white bar right down the middle! I was unusually calm and decided to try a restart, hoping that it was just a minor glitch.  I should have known better!

The thing was knackered. I knew it was on its last legs and was in the process of saving for a replacement laptop.   It was at this point that I realised that the old saying about bad things happening in threes had actually been playing out in my own life.  Not that this made me feel any better!

To cut the story short: Yesterday (Wednesday) the replacement phone arrived and seems to be performing better than the old one ever did, especially the battery life! Then today a guy came to look at the car, found a few faults logged in the computer which he cleared and his flashy little machine tested the car and said everything was running fine. Seems as though there was an issue with the Particle Filter(?) or something!

Finally, I went out and got a new laptop thanks to Mr Credit Card!

I definitely do NOT want another week like this one.