My Top Android Apps

I’ve had my HTC Sensation XE for nearly 2 months now, so I figured it was about time to report on some of the apps I’ve downloaded.

I’m not really one for collecting apps ‘just for the sake of it’ like some people – I only tend to download apps that I know I’m going to use, so there are no games listed (that’s what the PS3 is for!).

I haven’t listed apps like Facebook or Tweetdeck because they’re pretty much established in their fields.  Instead I’ve gone for some less well-known apps that I’ve found quite useful.

So, in no particular order, here are my top six:

Mobli (free)

Mobli is currently still in Beta.

I think it could well become THE place for sharing your photos.  It has a companion website where you can view all the uploaded photos at your leisure.  I joined up shortly before Christmas and as of writing this my 28 photos have been viewed 4046 times and I have 55 likes.

Compare that to my experience of Instagram when I had an iPhone I don’t think the views went past 20 for around 60 pics  and I may have got 2 or 3 likes!  I think you can see the clear winner there!

Whether online or in the app you can view, consume and share any moment captured through photos or videos with everyone around the globe in real-time.

Any.Do (free)

I think this is one of the best apps available at the moment.  The fact that it’s free is a double-bonus.

There is no dedicated web component to this reminder service yet, although you can sync the tasks with your Google calendar, so Any.Do is still a tremendously useful and smart way to manage your to-do list.

If you really want web synchronisation you could try Wunderlist, which is also free.

Any.Do includes an auto-fill feature to save keystrokes, and tasks can easily be rescheduled by dragging entries from one day to the next. Reminders are reliable and when a task is complete, you can cross it out with a swipe of your finger.

The latest update includes a reminder for your missed calls which looks a lot classier than the normal HTC version.

Everything about Any.Do feels elegant and efficient, as a personal assistant should be.

imo instant messenger (free)

With imo instant messenger, it’s easy to stay in touch with friends on your existing IM accounts. You plug in your sign-in information for all the top IM services and away you go.

Services covered are: Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Myspace,, and Hyves.

It looks sleek and is simple to use.  Now there’s no need for separate apps for each service.

aCar (free)

This is so far the only app that I’ve paid for.  You can use the free version perfectly well with unlimited records, but some limitations on exporting and graphing.  I used it for a couple of weeks before paying for the full app, just because I thought the developer deserved it.

aCar allows you to track the maintenance, fuel mileage, business/personal trips as well as other expenses related to your vehicle.  Because everything is customisable it can take some time to set everything up, especially if you do as I did and amended a lot of the servicing options.

You can set up notifications for every type of service so you’ll never miss another MOT or forget to have the air con. checked.

My only niggle with this app is that it insists that you insert an odometer reading at the start of a trip where it could insert it automatically from the previous one. But that’s really just a minor annoyance.

Cover Art Grabber (free)

This music Cover Art Grabber app does pretty much what you’d expect it to, given its name.

Basically, it helps you to manage album covers for your music.  It will download the album cover according to the album information and, should you have any incorrect covers they will be deleted.

The album covers I’ve downloaded so far have all been high resolution as promised, and they look pretty good.

The covers are saved onto the SD card and the app will update the built-in music database. It’s easy to use and it’s a must have app for the music enthusiast.

Speaktoit Assistant (free)

The closest thing on Android to Siri, the personal assistant for iPhone 4S owners, Speaktoit isn’t quite as sharp as Siri, but is useful in many situations.

You cannot get an answer for a query as you would with Siri, but if you ask Speaktoit to find a nearby restaurant, it obliges. Like Siri, if the app cannot find an answer, it opens a Google search with a few key words from your request, which is often faster than typing.

Speaktoit’s humanesque voice is also roughly similar to that of its Apple counterpart, and you can choose different voices if a perky woman isn’t exactly your type.

I may add to this list in the future because I have installed a few apps to help productivity and time-management in my work, which I’ll hopefully get to actually use in the next month or so!