So long 2011

It wasn’t the best year for me personally, so I can’t say that I’m too upset about the departure of 2011.  It seems like it was all downs with no ups.

But thinking about it a bit deeper, there were some positives to come out of it. Like I’m still breathing and I still have all my teeth … oh, wait … yeah … I lost one tooth, so … well, anyway …

Seriously, though, I discovered that it’s no picnic being unemployed. Sure the first month or so was great but as soon as the redundancy money ran out things got a little repetitive, with days filled with daytime telly, re-watching DVDs or playing on the PS3.  That was really why I started this blog – to give myself a purpose, something to concentrate my efforts on.

I had a bit of a blip around the middle of August – strangely, just after coming back from holiday in Dorset.  I haven’t thought about it – I never do – but I suppose that holiday brought home to me just how much I’d been affected by being cooped up in the house.   I wallowed in self-pity until November when I decided I was being silly and all I had to do was get out.  My legs still worked, after all, so I now go walking regularly again and the fresh air is a great addition to my day!  Funnily enough, though, I seem to be suffering with insomnia!  Life’s fun isn’t it?

To make things just that little bit “funner” the Jobseekers people threw a curve ball at me by stopping my money – I swear they did it just to freak me out!  Turns out I had to apply for reassessment.  It would have been nice if they’d actually mentioned that in the letter, instead of leaving me to find out for myself – BTW it also would have been nice if they’d included the form … that would have saved me wasting some of what little money they pay me having to go down to the job centre to get one!

I will give them their due, though, because they sorted it out and paid me within 4 days.

So … now that 2012 is here, what exactly is it going to bring? Well, without wanting to put the kybosh on things it looks like work is on the immediate horizon and that will help sort out the monetary issues. It will, no doubt, also go a long way to fixing the self-esteem issues which in turn could do wonders for the content of this blog – I don’t like ranting so it would be nice to not be doing that with every post!

Of course, I won’t be stopping the rants entirely – I have to vent my frustrations somehow, don’t I?

There we are then … we shall have to see what life throws at us in the coming year.

Happy new year to all