The Clarkson fiasco

Well, what a truly ridiculous day it’s been.  After his appearance on the early evening programme “The One Show” on the BBC, I awoke to find the world in meltdown over these comments:

Admittedly Clarkson isn’t the most tactful person at the best of times, but really. The union involved (Unison) called for him to be sacked, which has to one of the biggest over-reactions in the history of over-reactions.   Did they seriously want someone sacked for making a stupid comment – if that’s the case I wonder how many of the complainants would be in line to lose their own jobs on a similar basis?  I expect most of them, but they’ll probably argue that they’re not doing it on national television. I would ask “What’s the difference, really?”

I honestly can’t believe that things got so far as the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition being asked questions about it!  My God, what the hell has happened to this country?  Channel 4 news just exacerbated the whole story by going as far as accusing Clarkson of  glamorising gun-crime!!   For crying out loud – talk about jumping on the bandwagon.

Of course most people out there seemed to see it for what it was – an attack on the unions for causing a costly strike that, at the end of the day, won’t change a damned thing.  Unfortunately, though a lot of their comments went unheard on the news channels.  The Sky News website had a lot of comments in support of JC but the majority of comments read on air were criticisms – obviously Sky wanting to play the morally outraged angle.

As for those that did strike on Wednesday  I can only say – as many others have across the social forums – you’re lucky to have a damned job at all. I’ve been out of work for over a year, through no fault of my own, and I’d love to be in a job right now.  And if I was I certainly wouldn’t join any unions. Been there and done that. Yes, I even went out on strike once myself because I was persuaded by the union that it was the “right thing to do”.  Turns out it wasn’t and I’ll never be part of it again, thanks all the same.

Comedian Dara O’Briain tweeted:

Well, it would certainly seem like we’re on the road to it, wouldn’t it?  If we’re not careful there won’t be any comedians on the telly because they’ll all be scared of saying something that causes the next public outrage amongst a population that seems intent on moaning for moaning’s sake.

Then I expect we’ll have those same people up in arms that telly has got stale and mundane and full of politically correct garbage.

I’ll end this rant with another tweet. In response to Dara’s post Kevin Corr posted the following:

Let’s hope that things don’t go so far that this would actually get someone in trouble.