Broadband problems

I’ve been having some problems with my broadband connection the past week or so.  I’ve replaced the router and everything seemed fine for a couple of days, but it’s started dropping off again.

Not sure what the problem is having disconnected every phone in the house, including the connections to the Sky boxes. Nothing seems to prevent it dropping off and the only sure way of resetting it is lifting the telephone receiver and replacing it (or removing it from the wall socket).

But as I said that doesn’t cure the problem because it drops off even if the phone is disconnected.  Hitting the reset button on the router doesn’t always bring the broadband back online.

It appears to be stable at the moment, but then it was stable for around 4 and a half hours last night until it crashed again at 0130 and has been very sporadic throughout the day.

I would like to blame this for my lack of regular posts, but the truth is I’ve been suffering from a lack of inspiration lately.  I was hoping that during this period of poor broadband service, I’d find subjects to write about in anticipation of the service returning to some kind of normality.

Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way, so I’m still trying to come up with some ideas, other than more Top Ten lists.