Family tree research part 3

In this part I’ll be going over ordering of certificates online.

Don’t use Ancestry ordering service

I should point out straight away that this hasn’t affected me directly because I’ve never used it, mainly due to the pricing structure.

If you use you may have seen the link to order certificates.  Some of you may have even used it.  Maybe because I’ve always used another site that I found Ancestry’s prices to be rather exorbitant.  They start at around £23, and they state that you will have to wait up to 16 days for your certificate to drop through your letter box.

The alternative site that I use is the General Register Office (GRO) website.

When I tell you that their minimum price is £9.25 and then that you’ll normally get your certificate within the week, you may wonder as I did how Ancestry can charge such high prices.

I should point out that the low GRO price only applies if you provide the index info – year, quarter, district, volume and page number.  All of this information is provided when you search Ancestry records, so there’s no excuse for paying their £14 mark-up.

For Ancestry’s standard delivery price you can get priority (next day) delivery from GRO – actual cost is £23.40.

It’s easy to do it yourself – you can even order another certificate with the money you save and still have enough left over to buy a beer in the pub.

The GRO can provide you with any birth, marriage or death certificate registered in England and Wales from 1 July 1837 onwards.