West Ham Utd are relegated.

Not really a great surprise.

What is hard to swallow is the number of times over this season that they’ve been in front only to end up with a draw or, like today, losing.

This season is the first one in a while that I haven’t attended a single match – not one.  The way things were going I think my heart knew that this season would be a disaster.  There have been too many seasons lately where they’ve ridden their luck, helped only by other teams around them being equally as poor.

Sometimes I wish we’d have gone down at the time of the Sheffield Utd / Tevez saga.  I think it would have been good for the club, much as I hope that this relegation will be.

It’s time to ditch the so-called ‘star’ element that don’t seem to want to perform for both halves of the game.  Let’s get some new blood in; get rid of the “we’ll be okay – we’re always okay” mentality and get some players and a manager that want to make things happen instead of allowing it to “happen to us”.

The club has long had a reputation for producing some brilliant talent but hardly ever using them – Freddy Sears is a great example.  That has got to change and the Championship is a good place to start – not that we have much choice in the matter, but it would be nice to actually use the players that the club has invested so much time and money in.

I have no idea who will want to manage the club – I’d love it to be Martin O’Neill but he may have been put off after the fiasco earlier this season. Whoever it is, let’s hope he has more charisma and player-influence than Grant.

The next couple of months will be interesting to see what develops in terms of manager and squad – fingers crossed for some inspired leadership from the owners.