AV Referendum – 2 days to go

Well, with just 2 days before the referendum it looks as though the No’s will have their way.

So it seems that fighting dirty does win out over fighting fair!  I give up with the country if it does happen because people are obviously not interested in having a fairer system of voting in politicians.

Granted AV isn’t the best alternative but it’s a start.  If the no vote wins on Thursday then there’ll be little chance of another referendum on a different system such as Proportional Representation (PR) – which is what is really needed.

A win for AV will help the move towards PR and I’m sure that once AV has been used in anger in an election all the doubters will see just how much better it will be, and how much better PR would be.  If the no’s win then it’ll be “same old, same old” and people will continue not to vote and the politicians will continue to have the upper hand.

There is an article on the Independent’s website about the Maths of AV which doesn’t help the yes camp, although it was obviously supposed to.  Unfortunately it is a confusing read that has been written with input from mathematicians!

In fact it does nothing but confuse the issue, using percentages of second votes of the total percentage of people that voted for different candidates! Yes … confusing!  I had to read it twice to get the gist of it.

The simple fact of the matter is that with AV people will be required to enter votes for all condidates, which in turn removes the argument that their “vote doesn’t count, so why should I vote?”.  Okay, so it may not get their first choice in but their second, or even third, choice WILL count.

Some people may try to argue that voting for more than one person is actually getting two votes (or three or four votes if it goes that far). Indeed Cameron used this deceit in an interview this morning.  In fact, this is incorrect.  The votes are “transferred”, which is completely different to having multiple votes.

If the general populous could understand the arguments properly I believe it would get more people into the polling booths; and the more people who turn out increases the chance of someone getting that magic 50% first time.  At the very least it will make the vote more representative of what the people want, rather than what the politicians want.

Unfortunately for the current government, the damage looks to have been done.  I can’t see the rifts caused by this argument healing any time soon.  Cameron has shown his true colours during this debate with his personal attack on his deputy, Clegg – has he forgotten that Clegg helped him into number 10.

If this is how he repays those who help him, what chance does the country have?

So, come on people.  Let’s get the AV system in – we could be using it sooner than we thought!