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Family tree research

I’ve been offline for a few days over the bank holiday weekend catching up on my family tree research.  Whilst doing that I thought that it might be a good subject for a series of articles. So, starting at the beginning with what I’ve learnt in relation to software and starting your research. There are … Continue reading



Another visitor to the garden feeder: Click the picture to go to my flickr site for more.

Talk about cats and pigeons!

Wow, I seem to have hit a raw nerve with that post on religion, didn’t I? I knew it was going to be contentious, but … Jesus (pun intended). To the reasonable bunch of you who read it and, maybe thought I was an idiot but realised I’m entitled to my opinion, even if you didn’t … Continue reading

Weird clouds

Weird clouds

Some strange cloud formations this afternoon. Click on pictures to see a larger version on Flickr – you’ll find a few more pics of the clouds there.

I’ll never understand religion!

Atheism is none other than raw depravity – the diabolical principle at work in people who dishonor their parents, murder, lie and commit every other moral crime. I’m not religious – I believe I may have made that confession previously – but when I see antagonistic quotes like the one above from (a “supposedly” religious website), I … Continue reading

Someone has to say it

Grumpy old man warning! I just need to get this off my chest because it’s been boiling for a while: I get really annoyed when people don’t write properly. There I said it. In this age of technology where pretty much everybody to some degree has an online presence.  Be it your blog, Facebook page … Continue reading

Oh, shucks!

It seems Harold Camping was wrong (again).  So far there are no reports of “the Rapture” occurring anywhere in the world, where the 6pm deadline has come and gone without incident. No doubt there are going to be a LOT of disappointed people out there, but I for one have been enjoying reading the sarcasm … Continue reading

Day in a sketch–17 May

Day in a sketch–17 May

Yesterday’s “day in a sketch” drawing – I’m finding these fairly therapeutic so you may be seeing more of them in future.

Happy Birthday Toyah

Toyah Willcox turns 53 today and she’s looking as fine as ever. Best known for her over-the-top hair and facial art, Toyah was an icon of the eighties with numerous hits such as ‘I Want To Be Free’, ‘Thunder In The Mountains’ and ‘It’s A Mystery’. She is known to hard-core fans for many other … Continue reading

Poor handwriting–must try harder!

My handwriting is definitely suffering from a lack of use … I honestly can’t believe it’s got this bad. Think I’ll just blame it on being tired!

Blue tits

Blue tits

It’s looking like the blue tits are ready to fly the nest. I looked out of the window this morning and noticed that the baby blue tits were sticking their heads out into the big, bad world. The parents have been on a feeding frenzy for the past couple of days  so I knew it … Continue reading


West Ham Utd are relegated. Not really a great surprise. What is hard to swallow is the number of times over this season that they’ve been in front only to end up with a draw or, like today, losing. This season is the first one in a while that I haven’t attended a single match … Continue reading



It’s been a while since I posted a pic here, so I decided to put this one up: Cloud formation taken 12 May.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia anyone?

In case you’re wondering that big long word isn’t rude.  Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th -no, not the film franchise, the date!  Like … ooh, today. Now I can’t recall anything particularly bad ever happening to me on the numerous Friday 13th’s that I’ve lived through, so it’s not really something that … Continue reading

Better get my affairs in order …

… if I’m to believe the preacher Harold Camping from Oakland, California. According to him the world will end on 21 May at around 6pm; I’m guessing that’s Pacific Daylight Time so that means it’ll be 22 May at 2am here in the UK.  Hmm, I guess there’ll be no point going too bed then. … Continue reading

No vote wins

Well, it shouldn’t be any great surprise that the country has voted against reform. The smarmy tories are predictably telling us the victory was down to their campaigning, but I and many others out there believe something else.  It seems to have been more of a country-wide “let’s teach the LibDems” attitude, rather than any … Continue reading

Counting begins

Count-up of the Referendum vote has begun and the turn-out, according to some reports, was higher than first thought. Whether that ends up being good news or bad, we’ll find out later tonight.

AV Referendum – 2 days to go

Well, with just 2 days before the referendum it looks as though the No’s will have their way. So it seems that fighting dirty does win out over fighting fair!  I give up with the country if it does happen because people are obviously not interested in having a fairer system of voting in politicians. … Continue reading

The bucket list

The bucket list

It had to come, I suppose!  You can’t be doing a load of lists on different topics and not do a bucket list can you? 1. Work with tigers I think these beasts are the most magnificent animals on the planet.  I’d love to spend some time in a tiger sanctuary (or somewhere similar).  If … Continue reading