Ten top smells

Smells can invoke a memory better than anything.  We all have those smells that we just like because they remind us of some special occasion, or just because they make us feel good … or maybe both.

1. Freshly mown grass

For me there’s nothing more wonderful than the smell of a newly mowed lawn.  Research has shown that it’s a great stress reliever – something to do with a chemical released by the grass that has a positive effect on a person’s brain.

2. Rain

Unless you’re a fish the idea of getting soaked in a downpour probably doesn’t fill  anyone with excitement!  Even so, there’s still something about the smell of rain, especially those summer showers that leave the air with that unusually ‘fresh’ smell.

3. Freshly Baked Bread

This one gives your house that ‘homely’ feeling; if you’re trying to sell your house bake some break before the prospective buyers come round for the viewing. I love the aroma of a still-warm load fresh out of the oven. It’s even better when the bread in question tastes as good as it smells.

4. Freshly ground coffee

Being a coffee lover s the smell of freshly ground coffee is hard to beat.  Try some rich varieties such as Kenyan and Colombian to really achieve the desired effect.

5. A New Book

Bit of a strange one, but there is a distinct smell to the pages of a new book that I really love.  It obviously doesn’t make help a bad book become good, but it might stop you throwing it out for a while!

6. Cinnamon

A number of spices have brilliant fragrances few smell give off quite as potent as cinnamon; and it tastes almost as good as it smells and it makes a nice addition to cakes.  The same doesn’t apply to artificial cinnamon – it doesn’t smell or taste anything like the  real thing.

7. Strawberries

One of the best-smelling fruits around, anything smells good if it’s strawberry-scented,.   It’s another one of those scents with a versatility when it comes to toiletries and other items. As with most of the items in this list, it’s the smell of fresh strawberries that are the best.

8. Popcorn

I’ve always been a fan of the big screen and I just love that rich, buttery smell of hot popcorn. This is an ideal example of the memories that can be invoked by smell – I just have to get a whiff of popcorn and memories of all those trips to the cinema come flooding back.

9. Freshly washed towels

There’s nothing quite like drying off after a bath or shower with your fresh towel – for me it gives me a warm, comforting feeling. It’s like getting a hug from a loved one; a clean, wonderful smelling loved one, and that’s why I love it.

10. Vanilla

Possibly one of the most versatile products on this list, being used to flavour everything from ice-cream to vodka – but aside from its taste, the gorgeous smell of vanilla is hard to beat.