Top 10 Revenge movies

Of all the movie genres you can’t get more macho than a good old testosterone-fuelled revenge flick!

Some of them will give many men sleepless nights over whether or not their reaction to similar events would be as violent, or would they find another way.  Of course, we’d all love to take the law into our own hands, especially where our families are concerned but most of us know that if we did even a third of what the heroes get up to in these films, we’d end up in jail with no hope of ever getting out!!

1. Payback

My number one does exactly what it says in the title.  Mel Gibson is a bad guy out for vengeance on his friend and ex-wife after they left him for dead after stealing a briefcase full of money from the local Chinese triad gang.

2. A Time To Kill

A father (Samuel L  Jackson) of a 10 year old who has survived a brutal assault and an attempted hanging, kills the guys responsible at the courthouse fearing they may go free.  It’s a film about racial prejudice as much as vengeance.

3. Taken

I enjoyed this film … well, up until the final fight sequences when it got just a tad silly, but I can forgive that because it lived up to the premise:  dad goes after the bad guys that were stupid enough to kidnap his daughter.

4. The Losers

This is a nice twist on the revenge genre with a whole team of special forces soldiers betrayed and left for dead in Bolivia.

5. The Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson again, in a similar film to Payback except this time his daughter dies as a result of lethal exposure to some nasty chemical, so he goes after the company responsible.

6. Munich

Eric Bana in the real-life story of the Israelian Olympic athletes killed at the Munich games. Bana plays an Israelie soldier who joins the secret service to cause chaos around europe in a systematic payback operation.

7. Taking Lives

Angelina Jolie stars in this thriller about an FBI profiler summoned to help Canadian police hunt a serial killer.

8. Gladiator

Loyal Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius, is betrayed bythe Emperor’s ambitious son, Commodus. Commodus has murdered his Emporer father and seized the throne; he requests that Maximus help him, but is rebuked and in a rage sends troops to kill Maximus’s wife and son.  Reduced to slavery, Maximus rises through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murder of his family and his Emperor.

9. The Contractor

Retired CIA-agent James Dial (Wesley Snipes) is offered a chance to make amends for failing a mission years before, by finishing what he started.  He successfully carries out the assassination but things go a bit awry during the getaway and Dial ends up injured but manages to escape back to his safehouse.  We then follow his attempts to find out who set him up and visit his revenge on them.

10. Marked for Death

Steven Segal out for blood after a rastafarian gangster marks his family for death.  Plenty of martial arts action.