Ten things I like on toast

Well I think the last list on chicken dishes has sparked something!

For all my talk of healthier eating, it seems from doing this list that maybe I could do better – story of my life!

1. Baked beans

beans_on_toast430x300 Baked beans on toast is one of the most balanced meals going. If you’re partial to those cans of baked beans that include the little sausages then go right ahead, I can’t fault you for that.  But, please, don’t use BBQ beans!! Their rightful place is on a plate alongside BBQ’d meat, not on toast!

You could spread some cheese over the top, too.

2. Scrambled eggs

Lashing of butter on the toast, then spread your scrambled eggs over the top. You don’t need anything else. Whichever chef came up with sticking a sprig of parsley on top needs to take a serious look at themselves!  It’s not big and it’s not clever!!

3. Marmite

I know, I know! Half of you are saying “nom” while the other half are trying not to throw up, but I happen to love the stuff. Cake it on really thick … Oh, man, now I think about it .. I really fancy some right now!!

4. Butter

Sometimes it’s just best to keep things simple, and you can’t get simpler than garnishing your toast with some butter.

5. Poached eggs

Hmm, poached egg – there’s nothing nicer some days, than a lovely gooey egg yoke atop your toast.  Even nicer if you’ve remembered to add butter to that toast first!

6. Spaghetti

If you want something a little more substantial and you don’t fancy baked beans, you could do worse than to throw some spaghetti in a pan.  It’s a bit of a hit-and-miss affair to get the timing right so that the toast is done at the same time of the spaghetti, but it’s worth it. If I’m feeling naughty I’ll grate some cheese into the spaghetti for an extra taste sensation!  Nom-nom!

7. Boiled eggs

Okay, a bit of a cheat this one because it’s really “toast in egg” rather than “egg on toast”!  Nice little ‘soldiers’ of toast to dip into your freshly boiled egg on a Sunday morning – lovely!

8. Honey

Honey is something I’ve only come to recently. Why it’s taken this long I don’t know – I just never thought about it, I suppose.  But it goes really nice on some toast if you want something sweet.

9. Bacon

This one is really for those mornings when you had a few too many the night before and a full-on fry up is out of the question!

10. Jam

Jam on toast? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!  I didn’t think jam would work with peanut butter – how wrong was I?  This is great for those times when you’re after a quick snack and you haven’t got a lot in.