Top 10 PS3 Game Series

I figured it was about time for another Top Ten, after my recent forays into other realms!

Today I’d like to go over my Top Ten Game Series on the PS3 (other games consoles are available!).

As the name would suggest all of these have at least two titles in their series and, for once, are pretty much in order of preference!

Grand Theft Auto – the best known and, for me at least, the top game of its’ genre.  I’ve been a fan of this from the first version that wasn’t viewed from the top – GTA III on the PS2.  Since then I’ve played every title in the series. It’s been a while since we had one of these that wasn’t a spin-off!

Call of Duty – a close second to Grand Theft Auto. I began with Modern Warfare and have been a avid fan ever since.  Definitely the best war game out.

Battlefield Bad Company – a more recent entry into the war game titles, and a close second to CoD.  This is much more realistic from the point-of-view that you can destroy all the buildings if you’re so inclined.  Now … if someone could combine the two … !

Assassin’s Creed – this one is in a league of its’ own.  I’ve loved the premise of this from the start and the game-play has improved with each release.  The first one had a major drawback in that it took soooo long to get to a different city, even on horseback!  This has since been rectified and now you only have to do it the long way if you particularly like wasting your time!

Colin McCrae Dirt – I started with the Colin McCrae Rally series on the PS2 and have followed it with the “Dirt” series on PS3.  So far we’ve had two titles in this series but number 3 is coming soon.  Easily the number one title if you like rallying.

Gran Turismo – another driving series, but this one is a more total driving experience compared to the ‘Dirt’ series

James Bond – let’s face it, we all want to be the suave secret agent from time-to-time.  The latest titles include Quantum of Solace and Blood Stone

The Godfather – Only two titles in this series. The first was a re-vamp of the old PS2 title that they called the Don’s Edition, whereas the second – Godfather II – was a completely different animal

FIFA – the requisite football game. Everyone has their own favourite and mine is FIFA – I find the controls a lot easier than PES, but there’s also the fact that you get the actual team and player names instead of some silly contraction of it!

Resistance – The only games I have that involve aliens.  I don’t know if I’ll be continuing with number 3 when it comes out later in the year.  Sometime I love the game, other times I hate it. At the moment I hate it, which is why it’s at the bottom of the list.

I have to give two special mentions: the first is to the Hitman series – I’ve followed them on the PS2 avidly. Apparently there is a new PS3 version due out towards the end of the year, so I await that with interest.  Secondly, to possibly the most entertaining series, a bit shout-out to Mr. Duke Nukem!  A brilliant series that is still to date the only game that I’ve played on the PC (nope I’ve never played SIMs!) and he’s coming to PS3 soon (June 14) – see the official site.

I cannot wait … “I’m gonna rip ’em a new one!”