If I had a superpower …


Interesting question, no?

One that I’m certain most people have asked themselves at some point in their lives.

There are merits to a number of powers. Invisibility is always a favourite – who wouldn’t like to walk around unseen sometimes?

What about super-strength – it would be comforting to know that you could stop a runaway train, or not have to worry about getting shot.

Then there’s super-healing – excellent for good health.

X-ray vision – this could be used for a lot of things from searching for people buried in rubble to finding someone’s car keys!

The list is endless but if you think about it there is one superpower that could provide you with a way to seemingly have all the above powers … the power to freeze time!

This would be my choice and here’s how it gives you all of those other powers:

Invisibility – freeze time from outside of the room, enter said room and move things about, drop someone’s trousers – you can be as evil or childish as you want here – then leave the room, start time and watch the ensuing chaos!

X-Ray vision – easy one this one. Let’s say someone has a box with something in it, you freeze time and take a look inside, start it up again and go through some over-the-top mumbo-jumbo before telling them what’s in the box.  They’ll never guess how you did that!

Strength – okay, obviously you can’t make yourself stronger by freezing time but you could use it to avoid being hit by moving just enough to avoid the hits (or just running away but suddenly disappearing might cause a bit of a ruckus!). Things like lifting cars are probably best avoided!

Healing – another one that probably isn’t practical now that I think about it.  You could freeze time until your injuries healed but that would be a bit boring after while – kind of like being the last person left on the planet. Plus if it was a serious injury you’d need to bring a doctor in on your secret so that they could make sure you were okay.  Yeah … that does kind of sound lame doesn’t it?

There are numerous ways that this power could be used for good and an equal number of ways it can be used for bad.  I hate to admit it, but I’d probably be somewhere in between! Kind of a ‘loveable rogue’ character!

One question that does occur to me, though – if you freeze time would it also freeze things like CCTV cameras?  Since it’s my superpower I would have to say yes, but it would be the first thing to double-check before I used the power properly.