We Want Our Money Back!

This post was inspired by the story “Iceland Rejects Icesave Repayment Deal” on the BBC website.  Apparently Danny Alexander was on Andrew Marr but I didn’t see it due to the fact I was watching Lewis Hamilton lose another Grand Prix!!

Iceland owes the UK and the Netherlands 4 billion euros and the people have voted not to pay it back!  Excuse me?  WTF?  If I refused to repay my loan I’d be in all sorts of trouble with the bank, so how the hell do the people of Iceland give us the big middle finger and get away with it?

The wimpy Danny Alexander, who let’s face it couldn’t whip up a fury if his life depended on it, called the vote “disappointing” and that “We have a difficult financial position as a country and this money would help.”. No sh*t, Dan! Let’s have less of the diplomacy and bit more action.

For Iceland’s part their government did support a deal to pay the money back but the president refused to sign it, hence why it was put to a referendum vote.  I’m sorry people of Iceland, but your country owes money and it should be paid back.  If things were reversed I’m sure you’d all be shouting from the rooftops in outrage “We want our money back.  NOW!”