My worst injury

I’ve done a lot of lists lately, so I thought I’s share a personal story this time.

I suppose with a story like this I ought to start with a statement to help settle any fears of the more squeamish amongst you: there won’t be any graphic descriptions or even photos, so you should be okay! Likewise, to those expecting a gory tale – you will be disappointed!

Everybody okay? Great, then I’ll begin …

I’ve been lucky, I suppose, that I’ve lived 45 years and (touch wood) have never had a broken bone.

Apparently I walked into the edge of a car door when I was 2 or 3 – I don’t remember that! It resulted in a scar on my forehead which is still there today. When I was around 7 I had a minor injury from falling off my bike, the end result of that one was a ‘hole’ in my left knee of around 4 or 5mm in length. Luckily that didn’t require stitches and healed quite quickly; unluckily I had an almost similar injury a few years later, believe it or not, in the same knee! Both those scars are still visible.

The most serious injury I’ve ever had was as a result of a road traffic accident. Sorry. We’re not allowed to say “accident” these days; we’re supposed to call them collisions because “accident” implies no-one is to blame! And since most “accidents” are the result of someone’s negligence the term was amended. Typical governmental bullcrap if you want my opinion!

Anyway, suffice to say that if this had happened in the last four or five years, I probably would have contacted one those “no win, no fee” solicitors.  No doubt, I would have had a nice payout! As it was I got a bill from the hospital for stitches! Typical of my life, that.

Enough of that, let’s get back to my accident: I was at work and was on my way to a site meeting – in fact I’d just left the office. The “collision” occurred less than 2 miles from the office. I saw a car start to overtake a truck; I knew that there was no way it was going to make it. I also knew I had nowhere to go! On my left was a crash barrier, the other side of which was the M4 motorway; on my right at that point the road started to rise so going that way would have sent me into a deep ditch and who-knows-what injuries would result.

It’s as clear today as it was at the time. People talk about time slowing down – it really did. I thought everything I’ve just described in the few seconds in took for the impact to come. It did. Big time!

Once my head came back to reality I checked myself over quickly and was surprised that I was fine. I got out of the car and walked over to the crash barrier and sat down surveying the carnage in front of me. Luckily where the “collision” occurred was close to the Police motorway HQ so the Police were quickly on scene, closely followed by the ambulance.

The first cop on scene came over to check I was okay. I said I was fine, just a bit shaken up. It was after about five minutes or so, the adrenalin was obviously reducing, I started to feel a bit of an ache in my left knee (yep, that knee again!). I looked down and saw my jeans were ripped. I wondered how that happened.

Closer inspection revealed a hole. But this was nothing like the other two. Oh, no this was a gaping wide wound – no blood, strangely – and I could see right down to the bone! It was just then that paramedic came up to me asking if was okay, to which I replied the only way I could “I thought I was fine, but I’ve just discovered I’ve got a hole in my knee!”.

I was patched up and taken to hospital; they made me lie down in the back of the ambulance which I didn’t enjoy much at all – in fact it made me feel sick! The wound required seven stitches, the last two of which I felt go in because the anaesthetic wasn’t done properly!

I was obviously off work – I forget how long for – and I couldn’t walk for weeks while it was healing. It took ages for the swelling to go down so I couldn’t put on trousers or jeans. All-in-all not a happy time!!

Thankfully, I’ve not had such a misfortune since and long may it continue.