My favourite iPhone Apps

Everyone with an iPhone, Android or Blackberry will have their own favourite apps.  Those apps that you go back to time and again.  I have a few apps that I use all the time and a LOT of apps that I use once in a blue moon (if that!).

There are 18 on my list as follows:

  • Instagram
  • Gowalla
  • Facebook
  • Echofon (Twitter app)
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Momento
  • iHeadache
  • Sky+
  • Passwd
  • Catch notes
  • aNote
  • Ping chat
  • Flickr
  • Genius Scan
  • Train Times
  • Travel Deluxe
  • Accounts

Instagram is a fun app for photographers. It’s a great way of sharing your photos, and has a number of quick editing templates to make them that little bit different.  You can link the app to your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts.

Gowalla is another fun app for those times when you’re out and about.  You can see what’s around your immediate position and you can check-in at any or all of them.  You will be awarded badges for achieving various levels and types of check-ins

Facebook and Echofon are self-explanatory and are used daily if I’m out.

If you’re not familiar with Tumblr, it’s basically a glorified Twitter site without the restriction of 140 characters. The different elements that you can add are Text, Photo, Links, Quote, Audio, Video and Chat.  It’s what I would class as a scrap-book kind of site, and I use it as a place to post funnies, have the odd rant or share links. It’s not something that you need to take seriously – although some people do!

The official WordPress app is one that I don’t use often but it’s useful for posting a quick blog if I’m out.

Momento is a diary app that I use as a personal scrap book. It can be connected to all your social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – so everything is in one place, add your daily thoughts and it becomes a pretty powerful tool.

iHeadache is an app for those who, like me, suffer from regular headaches.  It acts as a kind of diary; you enter your symptoms, what medication you take and the length of time you are suffering.

Sky+ an official Sky app that lets you set up you Sky plus box to record a programme. Brilliant if you’re out and can’t get back in time for your favourite programme.  In my case this has saved me a number of times when the train’s been delayed.

Passwd is a free password saving app.  I have so many logins for different sites that I often forget passwords and usernames.  I was using ‘Keeper’ but got fed up with it asking me to upgrade to the paid app!

Catch Notes is a note app that is excellent for making quick notes. I use it if I’m out and about and suddenly think of blog ideas or photo ideas.  You can record your notes in audio, you can write them or you can add photos.

aNote is a great organiser. I used it regularly for work, but it’s a bit much just for personal stuff so I’m not using it so much at the moment.

Ping Chat is a chat app that is useful if you have friends who aren’t on Yahoo or MSN messengers.

Flickr is the official app that complements the website.

Genius Scan is not really a scanner!  You can either take a photo or use an picture from your phone.  It will then give you the option of cropping and rotating the picture before saving it to the phone or send it via e-mail.

Train Times and Travel Deluxe are two others that I used daily when I was working. The Travel Deluxe app is brilliant if you need to get around London, because it contains all modes of transport which you can select or deselect depending on your preference.

Train Times app does what you’d expect and gives you a timetable for your chosen route – this was especially useful because of the platform information, which is updated a lot quicker than the platform boards (I can vouch for this having spent much time at Victoria Station waiting for the board to show the platform, then checking this app to find the platform was shown!)

Accounts is a simple yet very well put together account tracker. You can set up as many accounts as you need, you can set up when your wages go in, all your bills can be set up really easily and transferring amounts between them couldn’t be simpler.  I used a number of money apps before finding Accounts and this beats all the others hands down.