How I shop

Having done a post on where my money goes I thought it would be interesting to explain how I shop. Or maybe not – you’ll have to decide for yourself!  If you read that previous post you will know that I’m having to watch my pennies at the moment, so this mostly relates to a time when I was working and had spare cash to chuck around!

To begin with I’m a bloke so I have this built-in aversion to shopping.  I’m not talking here about grocery shopping – just to clear up any confusion!  That aversion tends to result in what I like to call ‘speed shopping’ or the hit’n’run!– a quick “straight in and out of the store with as little fuss as possible”.

I tend to do most of my shopping online nowadays, only going into stores for things like clothes, that require my trying on them on (a) so I know they fit and (b) so I know it isn’t going to make me look stupid!  Oh, I know I could buy those things online, but in the event of (a) or (b) being in the negative, I would have to pay more money to send the things back! This is a big “no-no” for me, even when I was working.

If I do require a trip to the town centre, or the mall in my case – I live five minutes walk away – I’m one of those guys that only goes to the one shop, unless they’ve sold out in which case I will go to the next shop.

I will also do some research prior to walking out the door. When I know I’m in need of something like, say, a new jumper I will normally look online and once I’ve found what I want I’ll check the prices and, armed with that info, I will head out.  Normally I’m back home within 20-25 minutes and that includes the “try on” bit.

Everything else I buy online – it just saves so much hassle. And Christmas – oh, how much better it’s been since internet shopping was invented! I now enjoy Christmas again because I absolutely refuse to go anywhere near a department store in the run-up. This means I have none of that stress and none of the queuing.  Most importantly, I don’t have to put up with the spoilt, screaming kids and their equally loud parents!