Where does all my money go?

Before I continue I want to say I know I missed a day yesterday.  I had a migraine so I was sleeping most of the day until well into the evening.  I figured I’d be wide awake for a few hours yet so decided to work up this idea. I think I’m just about going to get it posted before midnight (GMT).

If you follow my Project365 photo blog and you’re wondering how that had a post this morning, that was pure luck.  See, I wasn’t planning on being up very early so last night I scheduled today’s  photo to post automatically.  Unfortunately, the posts for this blog don’t write themselves so it’s not so easy to set them up to auto-post.

I will always try to put something up each day, particularly whilst I have all this time on my hands!  If and when I manage to get some gainful employment I may have to review the posting arrangements, but in the meantime on with the post:

This could be a really short post since I’m currently unemployed and have no money!

Well, that wouldn’t make for a very interesting post, so instead I shall have to relate some of previous shopping habits.



With the advent of MP3 I don’t tend buy that many CDs nowadays. Downloading music to some people may be a heinous crime, but it definitely saves shelf space!!

I’m not a complete philistine, though, because I do agree that an electronic copy can’t replace having the physical CD in your hand (and a CD isn’t the same as having vinyl). I do buy the CDs of bands that I really like, but will download other bands that I’m interested in.

The last CDs I bought were the latest albums from Metallica, Iron Maiden and Disturbed, as well as the complete re-release of the Beatles back-catalogue.

The only vinyl I buy now are the Iron Maiden special edition releases and I only get these for their value as future collectibles. They’re never played – mostly because I no longer own a record player! My prized possession is a Japanese vinyl of Iron Maiden’s “Somewhere In Time” album, complete with 7 inch interview disc, sticker, and fully autographed booklet.

Photographic Equipment

A couple of years ago I invested in a decent camera. Since buying it I would say that I’ve spent most of my spare cash on additional lenses and various filters.


My camera is a Panasonic Lumix-G1 which came with the bog-standard 14-45mm lens, so the first thing I did was order the 45-200mm lens. I purchase a circular polarising filter, along with a +3 magnifying filter and a Star-6 filter to get some fancy star effects off of lights – pretty cool at Xmas.

When I was made redundant I used some of my severance money, Panasonic had just brought out the new 100-300mm lens so I splashed out on one. I didn’t realise until I bought it that it was a larger diameter! So now I have to try to put together some money to get a circular polarising filter – and they’re a damn-site more expensive for a 67mm diameter than for the 52mm that I bought previously.


p_tools When I was working I had need of a variety of different tools, so I now have a tool box in my car full of stuff that I don’t need – looking at the job situation it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get another job in my area of expertise, so I may never need them again.

I have a Fluke meter – those electronics people reading this will know what I’m talking about. It’s basically an expensive meter for taking various electrical readings. Quite why these are so expensive when you can get a similar device for less than £40, I don’t know.  Probably for the same reason a Ferrari is a lot more expensive than a Ford!

I have a couple of little tools for inserting and removing eproms, something that is required if you want to change the way traffic lights operate. The scenes in those films where traffic lights are sent into chaos by a mysterious black box of electronics – it couldn’t happen!  Sorry to ruin it for you all.



This is another part of my life that has gone electronic, with the purchase of a Kindle.

I’ve posted on this subject before so I’ll try to repeat myself too much but, like the MP3 player, this thing really does save space.  The screen really is as good as the reviews say it is and I honestly wouldn’t want to be without it now.

There are still authors out there who are holding back from giving their approval for their books to go electronic, J. K. Rowling being one.  I’ve not read any of the Harry Potter books and they were one of the first things I looked for – after the H.P. Lovecraft, Dickens and Shakespeare collections.

My current favourite, Karin Slaughter, has gone electronic and I will be buying her new book for the Kindle, but I will be putting the physical book on my birthday list. I’ve got all the other first editions, so it wouldn’t do to end the collection just yet.

There are some books that it doesn’t pay to get in Kindle format – things like ‘How to’ or ‘Dummies’ books that have an accompanying CD-ROM of examples because you won’t get said CD-ROM.


dvd shelf_medium

And so we get to my nemesis!  The DVD.  Ah, so shiny, so full of wonder!

As I’ve said in previous posts I love my films.  I don’t know where I’d be without my collection.  It’s always nice to receive a new one in the post – in fact I still have London Boulevard to watch.  I’ve had it since it came out a couple of weeks ago and haven’t got around to watching it.

That is unusual for me because normally I can’t wait and it’s in the player as soon as the wrapper’s off!  I must be spending too much time either on here or writing up synopsis for posts.  God, how sad has my life become?