Top ten telly programmes

So there I am relaxing, watching a bit of telly and trying to think of what to do for my next blog post – see men can multi-task!! – when it came to me … why not do my fave T.V. programmes?

Yep, these ideas always sound so fantastic in your head, don’t they. But when it comes to actually putting these things down on paper it seems theory is a lot more difficult to put into practice.  Or maybe that’s just me? Who knows? Who cares?

Some of these are quite recent, but there are some classics in there too.

profsThe Professionals.  I can’t do a telly list without including the antics of es-SAS sergeant William Arthur Philip Bodie (Lewis Collins) and ex-Detective Ray Doyle (Martin Shaw). The pair are part of a new crime-fighting unit put together by George Cowley (Gordon Jackson).  It was a “must-watch” series of my youth but watching some of them again in a recent re-run I was surprised how old they looked.

Sky tried to revive the series in the nineties with The New Professionals, but with CI5 being given a more global brief it just didn’t work and was dropped after the first series.  I just found out yesterday that there’s are movie in the offing – can’t wait for that.
Prisoner_sm The Prisoner. Obviously, I’m not old enough to have watched this when it originally aired but I have been an avid viewer whenever it’s repeated. Unlike the Professionals, this still looks good after all these years. The series ran for 17 episodes and was about the prisoner (Patrick McGoohan) who was a spy that resigned and was brought to The Village, supposedly so his superiors could find out why.

The series follows his attempts to either escape from The Village or find out who was controlling it.  The series was left open-ended so we don’t know what the purpose of the Village was or whether the prisoner finally escaped.

In 2009 there was an American re-make consisting of 6 episodes.  Starring Ian McKellen as number 2 and James Caviezel as the prisoner, this mini-series did have a conclusion which was kind of “out there” and, for me, ruined the enigma of the original series.

NCIS_title NCIS. I missed this when it first aired in the UK. In fact I didn’t really get into it until season 4.  Now in the middle of season 8 the series is still coming up with some good storylines.  The show is a spin-off from JAG – a season 8 double episode featured Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly).  The series follows the major case response team as they  investigate major going’s on in the US Navy.  NCIS has itself spawned a spinoff: NCIS Los Angeles, which is a lot more action-based and has some fairly major storylines based around international terrorism.
220px-Lie_to_Me.svg Lie To Me. I found the premise of this series interesting from the moment I heard about it. Tim Roth is excellent as Cal Lightman.  The series is apparently based on real-life research and the whole idea of visual indications of deception or lying being used in this way is brilliant – although I suspect it would be a pain to actually prove any of it in court!
Hawaii_five-o Hawaii Five-O. Not the original but the new series currently being shown on Sky.  I didn’t really watch the original series but I saw enough to know that this updated series is a lot grittier – Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) is a lot more “gung-ho” than I remember Jack Lord’s version being.
Time_Team_logo Time Team.  I didn’t think that a programme where people basically dig holes in fields would be a good watch but I was hooked from the first programme. I like that everyone absolutely loves what they do – Phil Harding just loves a bit of flint!  It’s also a great place to learn new facts about different historical periods.
200px-Extreme_Makeover_Home_Edition_Logo Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Ty Pennington is a nut but you can’t help but love the guys’’ enthusiasm.  I love this show – kinda like DIY SOS on speed!  Nick Knowles and his team do up a room, or more recently the whole house but that ain’t good enough for Ty and his team!  Oh, no. They just knock the whole house down and start again, creating a bigger and better place, often putting up the best house on the street!  Now don’t try and tell me the neighbours don’t get jealous once the cameras have stopped rolling.
250px-24-Logo.svg 24. This was a great idea at the time. Each episode representing one hour of the same day, so that you follow the action in ‘real time’.  Got a little bit stale after the third series.  For me it was the fact that, no matter how hard you are, no-one can survive all the stuff that Jack Bauer had been through. You would be one dead cookie. So it got a little bit silly to see him survive this or get out of that seemingly impossible situation.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but I just couldn’t watch the last 2 series.
250px-Applogo The Apprentice.  Although I’m not a big fan of “reality tv” I do like the Apprentice. Despite being associated with Spurs (enemy of West Ham in the fight for the Olympic stadium!), I think Alan Sugar is a funny bloke. Some of his put-downs aimed at the candidates are some of the finest I’ve ever heard.  I also love to see the so-called “future brains of British business” not know the first thing about business; they also act more like a bunch of kids in a classroom – if this is the future it ain’t no wonder this country’s going to the dogs!

I’ve watched some of the Donald Trump episodes but there’s less of the people actually doing the tasks. It seems more focused on what happens outside of the task – too much bitching for my liking.  Trump is definitely on the screen more than Sugar.  I haven’t seen any Martha Stewart episodes so I can’t pass comment on them.
top_banner Overhaulin’.  Another reality show, this one is kind of the Extreme Makeover edition for cars! A regular person would ‘apparently’ have their beloved car nicked and the team then set to work ripping everything out of it.  After that they would proceed to put the whole thing back together with a new engine, new sound system, re-upholstered interior. The works.  The master behind all these upgrades was the great Chip Foose. Part of the programme would show him drawing his vision for what the car should look like – this was like a piece of magic.

That’s my ten but there are so many others that I could mention like Miami Vice, The A-Team, The Dukes of Hazard – all of which have made on to the big screen in recent years.  What about Airwolf? Surely that’s movie material if ever I saw it!  And who could forget Lucy Lawless as Xena: Warrior Princess?