Some of my old gadgets

The first post of the new-look Lightly Salted and I suppose it could be seen as a kind of prequel, if you will, for the post Gadgets I can’t do without.

In the far-off days of the early nineties, I had a variety of gadgets.  Many of them at the time were at the cutting edge of technology but by todays’ standards are totally defunct.  I still have some of these lying around in boxes, but I’m too lazy to dig them out so I’ve found the illustration photos from elsewhere on the ‘net.

One of the best things was when the office received one of the early “mobile” phones.  I’m not talking the brick things. Oh, no, these were heavier than bricks!  They came in their own box because the battery was so big! They were for use in your car; the thing had a battery the size of a brick and it came with a magnetic roof aerial, something like the photo.

Old phone

Next up I had a series of Palm personal organisers, starting with an m125

Palm m125

Followed by a Palm V

Palm V

Progressing on to the colour version, the m505

Palm m505

I don’t remember what happened to these! I’m sure I probably chucked them when they broke or something, because I’m pretty sure I haven’t got them anywhere.  These had a handwriting recognition thing which I remember being a pain to use – stuff like drawing a 7 and getting something completely different!

During the time I was playing around with the Palms, I also bought one of these babies:


The Psion Organiser II.  I didn’t use this as an organiser.  This was used as a mini computer – it could be programmed with a type of BASIC.  I dug this out (yep, I still have it) when I knew I was going to write this and I can’t imagine how I had the patience to do anything with it!

Then things progressed and the first smart phone arrived. The first of these that I was lucky enough to get was the Compaq iPaq.

Compaq iPaq

Mine was a bit better than this one – it had a built-in fingerprint reader!  I think I know where this is hiding.  I’ll dig it out and photograph it – might also see if it still works!  Although it had the facility to be used as a phone I found it a bit too heavy & bulky so I just used it for job-specific tasks or taking notes on site, maybe the odd e-mail but mostly it was a glorified calendar!

The iPaq was soon replaced with the Xda III


The Xda was a firm favourite – and it’s probably the reason that I prefer the iPhone over the Blackberry.  It was actually able to run a lot of the job-specific software that I had on the iPaq, which was a double bonus.  And I did actually use it as a phone too. Considering how good this was it’s surprising that the iPhone was able to make such dramatic in-roads into this market.

So, that brings you up-to-date with some of the tech that I’ve had over the years – hopefully it’s brought back some memories.