Notice re: Project365

Don’t panic!! I haven’t given up!

No, it’s just that I’ve been worried over the past couple of days that the ‘365’ photos are getting lost amongst the other posts.  There’s also the issue that those who are only interested in the other stuff will be getting annoyed!

It’s become more obvious to me that the blog doesn’t really know what it is!  Which it doesn’t – it’s not sentient, after all!  This is mostly my fault because I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of the blog in the first place, so it’s become a kind of mish-mash of different ideas.  This has to change for everyone’s sanity!

So, what I’ve done is to create a separate blog for the Project365 which can be found here:

My Project365 (permanent link under the search box on the right)

I have copied all the posts from here and all updates, starting tomorrow, will be made there.  Eventually I may well delete the posts from here, but for now I’ll leave them up.

This blog will become a place for general musings on whatever subjects take my fancy.  I will also continue to put up other photos that I think may be interesting.

Hopefully, this change will make both blogs more readable.