My 10 favourite Movies

What? Only ten? No … that’s impossible! I like too many to only pick 10 … what about 20? 15?

This all flashed through my head when the subject came up as a blog post idea.  You need to understand before I continue that I like my movies!  I have over 250 DVDs of various genres, so the thought of picking out just ten fills me with more than a little dread!

I don’t really like ‘mafia’-type movies, although I do have the Godfather trilogy and a couple of others in my collection.  I do tend to go for the violent, revenge-based film (typical bloke!), but I prefer something with a bit of action mixed with some comedic elements. Full-on comedies don’t really do it for me either as I tend to lose interest in them half-way through!

My initial list started out at 23.  Okay, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Now, how to whittle them down to 10?  Well, I decided to keep things simple and go for those films that I watch time-after-time and never seem to get bored of.  Don’t get me wrong I have some excellent films that didn’t make the list, such as The Godfather, Miller’s Crossing, Casino, Goodfellas, G.I. Jane, Courage Under Fire, Black Hawk Down … I could go on.

Anyway, my final ten is as follows (in no particular order):

The Long Kiss Goodnight
I think this was the first time I saw Samuel L Jackson, and have followed his career since.  Geena Davis was also excellent in this and I liked the fact that the main protagonist was female.  Some great lines in this: “watch your back … I’m not done yet” gets the chills running down my spine every time!

The Bourne trilogy
Bit of a cheat having three in one entry but I honestly couldn’t pick one on its own.  In fact I like to spend a lazy Sunday watching all three in sequence.

Being a big fan of the games I couldn’t believe they were making a live action film.  It’s not the most intelligent film out there, but it’s great to wile away an hour and a half if you’ve nothing better to do.

Street Kings
Don’t shoot me, but I think this is one of Keanu’s best films to date.

In Bruges
One of those rare comedies that really did keep me in stitches all the way through.  There were a few times I had to pause the DVD while I tried to get my laughter under control!  This is totally my sense of humour.

I must be one of the few people that “got” this film on the first watch.  I’ve tried explaining it to friends, to no avail!  The premise of being able to enter someone else’s dreams is a clever one; and the CG really brought it to life.

The General’s Daughter
One of Mr Travolta’s better roles – along with Basic, which isn’t on the list but gets an honourable mention.  A gritty thriller that keeps you hooked to the end.

Batman Begins
Christian Bale’s first outing as the Dark Knight.  I love this for the respect it pays to the original premise of Batman. He’s a dark character with a lot of demons and this portrayed that quite well.

Just because!  I like the premise of being able to curve a bullet.   And the last line “What the f*** have you done, lately?”.

Casino Royale
I like this one for the same reasons as the Batman film above.  They went right back to the crux of the character with this one and it’s all the better for it.  Bond was never a ‘nice’ guy like he’s been played over his many incarnations since Connery.  Daniel Craig IS Bond (ooh, probably not a good idea to say something like that!)

There is one film I wanted on the list but somehow couldn’t fit it in and that’s Blade, if only for the immortal line “Catch you f***ers at a bad time!” – brilliant!


One thought on “My 10 favourite Movies

  1. Great list!

    Definitely some doozie’s in there!

    What got my attention was ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’! I could sit down and watch this movie time after time and it never gets old!

    “It’s a duck not a dick” or “I’m going to be Frank and Earnest, in Chicago I’m Frank…”

    Sam Jackson is in fine form and makes a great supporting actor to Geena Davis who owns every scene that she’s in…well when she basically become Charlie Baltimore!

    “Life is pain, get used to it”

    This is about as close to a real life comic book movie without starring a known comic book character!

    Gets better with every viewing….glad it made the top 10!!

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