March forward / Fall backwards

A useful little rhyme that helps me remember which way the clocks go when they change.  I know I’m British and so it should be autumn rather than fall but that would screw up the rhyme … plus, it’s supposed to be a global world nowadays. Anyway, please remember to put those clocks forward on Saturday night / Sunday morning.

With all this technology that we all use, though, it’s surprising how many of today’s gadgets, and other items still need to be changed.  How much easier would it be if everything could be changed without any input from us?

I’m not talking about the obvious things like watches and clocks. No, I’m thinking about things like cooker hobs, microwave ovens, the clock in your car.  PCs update automatically (providing you’ve set the ‘daylight savings time’ thingy, and there are plenty of alarm clocks that pick up the Rugby signal and are always THE most accurate in the house.

But cars?  There seems to be a big divide between cars that can update from the in-car stereo to cars like mine that don’t (by design or by error!). My car’s not that old (2009 Focus) but I still have to update the radio clock, yet my two previous cars used to do it all by themselves!  Of course, it may be more likely that the facility isn’t working on my radio? Hmm, think I just found a little job for tomorrow!

Okay, now what about microwaves?  Surely it’s possible to fit a little bit of electronics with a receiver to allow them to update the time from the Rugby clock?  Same with cooker clocks.  Maybe there are now options out there that will provide this? I haven’t found any … but you may know different.

You’ve probably guessed that I’m a bit lazy … well … yeah, I can’t deny that’s part of it, but I am also thinking more from a practical (for practical read ‘selfish’!) point-of-view.  I always lose about half-an-hour traipsing all over the house looking for clocks that need changing only to find one a few days later that hasn’t been changed.  That clock will invariably be the one that I look at when I’m in a hurry, then I wonder why I’m an hour early / late for that important dinner!

It’s annoying.  ‘Nuff said!