I may be over-stretching myself …

… maybe, just maybe!

I’ve just been and bought some water colours and some sketching pencils.  I did a lot of drawing when I was younger but not so much lately.  The reason I think it may be too much is because I’m just starting to get my photography back on track after not doing anything for a while and now I’m adding drawing & painting into the mix.

The phrase “glutton for punishment” comes to mind, but then again I do like being busy.  Since I was made redundant I’ve sat around getting bored out of my mind with daytime TV.  When I was working I was happiest when I had a lot on my plate – I soon lost interest if I only had a few things to do!

So … I guess I’m hoping that doing all this creative stuff will perk my brain up a little bit.  I’m also hoping, seeing as both the drawing and the photography will be getting me out and about in the fresh air, that it will help me sort out my sleeping patterns (see earlier post).

Obviously since I’ve mentioned it here I do intend to scan the best of my work and post them up here, so keep an eye-out for them.