I Love My Kindle

Bold statement but, screw it, it’s true.

I’ve had it a couple of weeks and I bought it to relieve the boredom of not getting out much lately.  Being unemployed in the UK at the moment is no joke, especially when you have such a specialised career.  Anyhoo, that’s a whole nother story …

Back to the point: When I was younger I used to read all the time, then I got into a career-path at work and wound up only thinking of that – worked out well for me, that eh? I think in the last few years I read the sum total of five books where in the past I would have read three or four a month.

So why the kindle? Well, not so much “why the kindle” but “why a e-reader in general?”.  The short answer is that I don’t have much room for storing that many books, so it was a question of space more than anything else. Not only at home but being out and about generally it takes up a whole lot less room.

Since I’ve had it I’ve rediscovered a love for reading having read two or three books a week. It’s also perked up my brain, which had seemed to be degrading into mush with boredom – I’ve hardly been out of the house since Christmas.

The novelty, though, is wearing off so I can see the reading dropping to one (maybe two) a week.  I do, after all, have other stuff to be getting on with … like finding another job for instance!