Posted in March 2011

Some of my old gadgets

The first post of the new-look Lightly Salted and I suppose it could be seen as a kind of prequel, if you will, for the post Gadgets I can’t do without. In the far-off days of the early nineties, I had a variety of gadgets.  Many of them at the time were at the cutting … Continue reading

Notice re: Project365

Don’t panic!! I haven’t given up! No, it’s just that I’ve been worried over the past couple of days that the ‘365’ photos are getting lost amongst the other posts.  There’s also the issue that those who are only interested in the other stuff will be getting annoyed! It’s become more obvious to me that … Continue reading

Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k

I just saw this at the top of the dashboard as I was doing some house-keeping on this here blog. Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k — Blog — What better excuse do I need to start a fitness regime? I think I will definitely take part in this – in fact, it’s in my diary … Continue reading

World history with Iron Maiden

Bet you thought you’d never see those words in that combination! If you’re a Maiden fan then you’ll have an inkling where this is headed, but non-fans amongst you will be scratching your heads wondering how a metal band relates to events in history. Messrs Harris, Dickinson, Smith, Murray, Gers and McBrain often take their … Continue reading

My 10 favourite Movies

What? Only ten? No … that’s impossible! I like too many to only pick 10 … what about 20? 15? This all flashed through my head when the subject came up as a blog post idea.  You need to understand before I continue that I like my movies!  I have over 250 DVDs of various … Continue reading

A family fable – the truth is out there!

It’s an old family story that apparently there is a connection to the famous painter Sir William Beechey. I don’t remember how old I was when I first heard this, but I know I was still at school. It didn’t really register – I was a kid and I was more interested in playing football! … Continue reading

Gadgets I Can’t do without

Gadgets I Can’t do without

If you’re anything like me you all probably have a host of gadgets that you use every day to get through your work and social life. If you’re not one of those people then you won’t be interested in the following; if you’re a fellow gadget freak then here are my top five gadgets I … Continue reading

March forward / Fall backwards

A useful little rhyme that helps me remember which way the clocks go when they change.  I know I’m British and so it should be autumn rather than fall but that would screw up the rhyme … plus, it’s supposed to be a global world nowadays. Anyway, please remember to put those clocks forward on … Continue reading

Spring must be here!

The first indications that spring has finally sprung!  The last couple of days we’ve had lovely sunshine with just a hint of breeze, some of the neighbours cherry trees have started blossoming, it’s been quite magical.  Then today, not less than a half hour ago, I spied this blue tit starting to get its nest … Continue reading


Another “must do” on a visit to London – Buckingham Palace.  For those of you wondering … yes, this is an HDR.

Me … no artist!

At least I’m not as good as I used to be – or maybe that should have read “I’m not as good as I thought I was!” Whichever it is my first attempt at watercolour today was, in short, absolutely dire!  Seriously, I know that I wasn’t that bad; I may not have been Royal … Continue reading

Toyah’s back on tour!

Way back in the late seventies / early eighties I saw Toyah live on numerous occasions. This was at the height of the Toyah phenomenon and I have to say the lady never once put on a poor show. Now she’s back on tour. The “Sheep Farming to Anthem” tour is revisiting those heady days … Continue reading

6 Nations rugby

It’s probably best if I don’t mention the shocking England performance this evening.  No grand slam for the 8th successive year but, thanks to France, at least they won the tourney. Nuff said on that, I reckon.  Roll on the World Cup in September and England’s first game against Argentina on the 10th.

West Ham 0 Tottenham 0

As expected Tottenham started like someone had lit a fire under them – why can’t West Ham do that?  After that initial bombardment that we thankfully survived it was fairly even, end-to-end stuff.  Both Jermaine Defoe (why did we ever sell him?) and Carlton Cole had chances.  Mostly Defoe, if I’m honest but Cole had … Continue reading

Ready for the big weekend

It’s going to be a big weekend for sport. First up the early kick-off (12:45) tomorrow, and my beloved West Ham have an appointment at White Hart Lane for a local derby against the old rivals Tottenham.  This is going to be a nail-biter because the Irons really need to win to keep the hopes … Continue reading

I may be over-stretching myself …

… maybe, just maybe! I’ve just been and bought some water colours and some sketching pencils.  I did a lot of drawing when I was younger but not so much lately.  The reason I think it may be too much is because I’m just starting to get my photography back on track after not doing … Continue reading

An early morning post

As I start this the hour is 03:15 UK time and once again I can’t get to sleep. I have resorted to using the iPhone to type this to avoid the clattering of the keyboard. It also means I can type in the dark – it ain’t easy using a keyboard by the light of … Continue reading

The first kite of the year

Thought it was about time I posted another photo!  I just happened to look out the window earlier and saw this kite … Larger sizes and a couple more pics can be seen on my Flickr site.

Reading update

I’m actually surprising myself with keeping up the reading after I thought it might fade away after the initial novelty value of the Kindle.  I have actually signed up for a subscription to a magazine, so it’s not only books I’m reading now.  The only issue I have with this is that the pictures (mainly … Continue reading

Michel Roux Jr would have torn his hair out …

I went out to eat tonight for the first time in over a year. It was a special occasion, as it was last time and, coincidentally, we were going to the same Chinese restaurant where we were had one of the best nights out for everyone involved. Oh, how things change!  The evening was a … Continue reading