Is U-Play crap or is it just me?

I’m a  fan on the Assassin’s Creed series of games and thought I’d show my appreciation by registering on the Ubisoft Uplay website to take advantage of some the “extras”.  What an idiot I was for thinking that was a good idea, because here I am at 00:05 hours having tried for the umpteenth time to register on the UPlay site. For some reason clicking on the “CREATE MY UBISOFT ACCOUNT” button after filling in the form results in … absolutely nothing!

I’m by no means a computer boffin but I do know enough to be certain that this isn’t some stupid mistake by me! In fact, in an effort to prove this to myself I tried it using Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox with the same result on each.  This would suggest only one cause – UBI are shit! At least when it comes to their website.. I mean, come on, if you’re gonna say that registration is “Free and Easy” at least make an effort to go for the double! Free it may be … but if this is what we’re to expect then quite frankly it better be free!  Even more so when the only course of action in terms of support is to phone or write to them – email not good enough for them I suppose?

There, rant over. Don’t expect to be inundated with support or otherwise, this was just a vent to get this crap off my chest in the absence of “real people” by virtue of the fact that they’re all in bed asleep!