Posted in November 2010


Been waiting two days and many, many poor attempts, to get this shot: I think it was worth it!! Advertisements

Evening Sun

Despite the warnings of snow it never materialised, at least not in Kent. There was a pretty decent sunset. though, but I was too far away from anywhere half-decent to take an actual “sunset” picture so I decided that the light through the trees was a fairly good second best.

Still no new photos!

Well, the new lens arrived yesterday afternoon as expected. Unfortunately, I never got out and about to use it. The reasons are two-fold and equally sad! First off the weather is crap at the moment – yeah, fair weather photographer, me! Secondly, Assassins Creed Brotherhood arrived through my letterbox at lunch-time so there was only … Continue reading

New Lens

Currently awaiting delivery of the new 100-300mm f4.0-5.6 zoom lens for my camera.  It should be here sometime today so, hopefully, I’ll be able to get out in the next few days to try it out.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out taking photos so I’m quite excited at the … Continue reading

Took long enough !

Yeah, yeah. I know I set this blog up months ago and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it.  I thought at the time that it would be good for me to vent stuff, but now I’m not so sure, what with all the recent hoo-ha connected with Twitter. WTF! People being arrested for … Continue reading